Monday, 16 December 2013

Notes on a Grubbies Christmas...Sugar cookies and Grubbies Christmas countdown

Note 17: Sugar cookies

Until fairly recently I wasn't entirely sure what a sugar cookie was (compared to any other kind of sugary cookie you might choose to bake). I now know that they are those pale as pale, slightly shortbready biscuits that provide the perfect platform for clever bakers to show off their sugar craft. Sugar cookies don't spread on the tray. They hold their shape and look pretty much the same when they come out of the oven than before they went in. This makes them ideal for cookie cutting with children. In recent years, sugar cookies have been right up there with mince pies and gingerbread as a Christmas baking tradition in our house.

I don't yet have a go-to recipe. The recipe I used this year was from the US blogger, Glory Albin of Glorious Treats which worked well, although I did have to add some milk as the mixture was too crumbly to roll out. Possibly our local eggs aren't as big as the ones in California.*

Glory’s blog, like much of Pinterest in December, is awash with Christmas sugar cookie ideas that will either inspire you or leave you terrified. For example:

You probably already know whether you are capable of such transcendence. I wasn’t prepared to have an embarrassing Pinterest fail so close to Christmas and we did something rather more child and idiot-proof.

The cookies on this occasion were for a charity cinema night that we helped my little girl organise for the local hospice who looked after her Granny last year. The selected film was Barbie: A Perfect Christmas. It doesn’t come recommended by me, but its themes of Christmas magic, spoilt orphans, sisterhood and pop stars seems to be a favourite with five and six year olds. The guests traded in their purchased tickets for not particularly festive popcorn and hotdogs, but the centrepiece was this tree (picked up for peanuts) adorned with our glittered Barbie-pink cookie baubles. We’re not a very pink family as a general rule, but I have to admit it did look rather pretty.

* I confess I often look across the Pond for baking recipes. No offence to our homegrown bloggers, but my rather slapdash approach to baking generally leads me to prefer the American way of cooking with cups and spoons rather than painstakingly weighing everything out.

Note 18: Grubbies Christmas Countdown continues

Today is the second day of the Grubbies Christmas countdown. Order today and get 15% off everything you buy, plus free P&P on all UK orders. Just use discount code "Twinkle15" at checkoutOffer expires midnight tonight (Tuesday).

Don't forget that Thursday 19th is the last shopping day for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Photo credits: Turquoise and reindeer: Tasty Food Snacks; Pastel snowflakes: Glorious Treats; Red and white: A Blog for This and That

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