Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Notes on a Grubbies Christmas...Holiday Bauble Shopping and Grubbies Originals

Note 7: Buying baubles on holiday

Do you buy baubles when you go on holiday?

Ever since I bought this bauble (Amsterdam, 1980), I have bought a Christmas decoration as a souvenir of every holiday.

In the height of summer, in the most un-Christmassy places, there are decorations to be found and so we can't be the only ones. Did you know for example you can buy Buddhist monk baubles in Thailand? Well, there we go.

All children love unpacking decorations in December and remembering what went on the tree last year. With holiday baubles, as the children grow up, Christmas tree decorating becomes a session of happy "Oh look, do you remember whens".

The habit gives a purpose to souvenir hunting when on holiday and, importantly, permits you to buy those types of souvenirs you wouldn't otherwise be inclined to clutter your house with (the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Provencal donkey).

If you are a fellow bauble shopper, can I politely suggest you visit Naples some year soon. In Naples, we discovered, the local artisans specialise in nativity figures. This little chap is El Caganer, a traditional feature of the nativity scene in Spain and was a present from a Spanish au pair who rightly assumed that two young boys would find it hysterical. 

El Caganer, to the best of my understanding, roughly translates as "The Crapper". Charming. If you are interested in learning more, can we direct you to Wikipedia which very helpfully provides no less than fourteen "possible reasons for placing a figure representing a person in the act of excreting waste in a scene which is widely considered holy". Every year he takes his place near our crib (France), alongside the crippled beggar (Italy), the camels (Turkey) and the praying children (Portugal).

Of course, once added to the results of the children’s craft sessions and inherited baubles fondly remembered from childhood, you end up with a rather uncoordinated, yet beautiful and personal, tree, simply dripping with memories.

Note 8: Grubbies Originals

Today's twinkly offer is for our Grubbies Originals, the ideal tree decorating attire for helpful little boys and girls. Beautifully made and built to last, our Originals are simply the perfect denim dungarees just like you used to wear. They are fabulously cool and cosy over our long-sleeved tees teamed with a chunky Christmas cardi cardi or just your best friend. Now available with festive poppy red piping and embroidered pockets. You have until tomorrow to get 20% off our Originals (and free P&P until Christmas). Use the code "Originals20" at checkout.

Merry Wednesday!

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