Friday, 8 February 2013

Behind the scenes at Grubbies - Bubble London

You have to be a bit of a time traveller in this industry.

Swing by Grubbies at any time and we're working on (at least) three collections. This month, for example, our Spring/Summer 2013 collection is in the factory; our Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is being previewed to retailers and the press; and design and sampling are well underway for Spring/Summer 2014.

Some weeks it all feels rather like an episode of Quantum Leap. Where are Al and Ziggy when you need them?

A Grubbies designer nervously presents his ideas for Spring/Summer 2028.

Last month, it was off to the future as we took Grubbies' Autumn 2013 range to the Bubble London show. Bubble London, in case you don't know, is our industry's biggest UK trade show. It brings together hundreds of children's fashion and lifestyle brands excitedly (and nervously) unveiling their upcoming collections to discerning journalists, enthusiastic bloggers and super-important (and therefore, it follows, slightly scary) buyers.

Our very orange Bubble stand can be seen glowing from the other side of the expo hall.

A weekend at Bubble is always very busy and completely relentless. What with the nerves, the intimidating competition, the artificial lighting and all that talk about another blinking winter when we're now officially really bored of this one - it's remarkable the experience isn't more dispiriting.

But happily Bubble is a determinedly sunny place to spend a weekend. It's
 creative, friendly and very, very inspiring - numerous fabulous brands always turning out with fresh and impressive new ideas and buyers who are genuinely excited to be figuring out what their stores will look like next season.

Letting people know about Grubbies' Homegrown credentials.

Bubble is particularly brilliant at showcasing the small but determined, tribe of brands who manufacture in the UK (or, in Bubble-speak, the 'Homegrown' brands). That includes Grubbies of course, and also the likes of Immink, Helen Gordon and Beau LOves - each of who showed beautiful new collections that have been magically sewn together by the reportedly dead British manufacturing industry.

Bubble London's Homegrown installation in the making.
Whilst we're on the subject of the future, next Autumn/Winter for Grubbies is all about the British woods, just about our favourite place to hang out, run amok and tell secret, spooky stories. We're relieved to report that our new styles, colours and kerchiefs were all greeted with the enthusiasm we had been fervently hoping for and, in the days following Bubble, we have been happily stumbling across people saying nice things about Grubbies on blogs here, there and everywhere.
Much-loved Marion Lindsay's much-loved designs for Grubbies' AW13 kerchiefs. Swoon.

So, do you like what you see? It's all coming to a shop (and an iPad) near you in the Autumn. Watch this space!

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