Sunday, 16 December 2012

Our 'Made in Britain' Christmas wish list

All Grubbies clothes are made in Britain. In fact, as we have said before, that's one of the first things we like to tell people about Grubbies.

This year, one of our team announced her plan to have a 'Made in Britain' theme to her present buying. (You'll be relieved to know that the theme only extends to gift buying and not all imported traditions - even the most patriotic Christmas would fall a bit flat without cranberries, stollen, Elf and Father Christmas.)

We suspect she won't be the only one buying homegrown this Christmas. It just seems the thing to do in 2012, the year of all things British. And so to help things along in these last few shopping days, we've been on a hunt for some of the unique, imaginative gifts being produced by designers and small companies up and down Britain. Here's our wish list:

Ben handmade rag doll by The Sheppard's Flock (£22 from Rain Starts Play)
We don't really understand the controversy about dolls for boys. And anyway, don't girls need boy dolls in their play too?

This handsome rag doll from wonderful The Sheppard's Flock would surely appeal to all children. He's made with considerable love by one woman and her sewing machine in Birmingham. You will notice, as well, that Ben has a very fine pair of dungarees.

My little Pony Dress by Rosablue (£21 from Rosablue)

A perfect little dress for playdates and parties. We love the ponies, but what we really like about Rosablue is that they design and print their own fabrics in a workshop in Cheltenham, so if you really like this dress, you can go ahead and order it in any (or all) of their fabrics.

Moose doll (£15 from Lucy Moose)

Lots of kids, including ours, love crazy, technicolour soft toys rather than traditional teddies. These brilliantly bonkers moose (mooses? meese?) from Lucy Moose would brighten up their beds no end. Oh and 'hoofmade' in Scotland - fantastic.

Paperpod airplane (£21.95 from Pobshop)

All children like cardboard boxes and, in our experience, all children, girls and boys, spend an inordinate amount of time tearing around making aeroplane noises. We think this cardboard propeller plane would be great fun to decorate and brilliant to run around in.

Red Riding Hood dressing-up cape (£14.99 by Sarah Fry from Folksy)

Our favourite dressing-up costumes are simple, beautifully made and leave something to the imagination. This handmade Red Riding Hood cape sold through fabulous Folksy is all you need for some scary, exciting fairytale fun in the garden.

Rudy Reindeer (£20 from This is Wiss)

At This is Wiss everything is handmade, clever and quirky, just like this Rudy Reindeer. We can definitely see him poking out the top of a s-t-o-c-k-i-n-g or two.

Grubbies Originals (£40 from Grubbies)

We're a little biased obviously, but we were very proud to find Grubbies on The Guardian's list of the Top 10 Presents for Children this year. They said "Lovely design, robustly made and brilliantly practical, these unisex dungarees...should prove a favourite for kids and parents sick of camouflage print and/or princesses". We couldn't agree more.

Grubbies kerchiefs (£14 from Grubbies)

Finally, our Grubbies kerchiefs, which Bambino Goodies included in their guide to the perfect stocking fillers. It made us feel just like Santa.

The Coyote kerchief has a cheeky coyote and stars and scrolls inspired by cowboy boots. The Wild Horses kerchief has a spirited wild horse, cowprint (and just a hint of pink). Both tick every Made in Britain box imaginable - they are designed by fabulous children's illustrator and all round super-talented lady, Marion Lindsay. They are printed in London and they are hand sewn round the corner in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Lovely.

So, have you brought any British made presents this year? And what is your favourite purchase?

Happy shopping!

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